WaterWorld Water Park - Ayia Napa

Apollos Plunge Slide River Odyssey

Apollo, God of the Sun takes you on an exhilarating family raft ride in our custom built Sun Chariots. You travel through 124 meters of twists, turns and drops. But don’t do it alone! Bring along your family and friends to help you brake the final plunge!

Chariot Chase Slide

The Chariot Chase was the first multi-slide in any water-park outside the United States. Race on your own or with three other people to see who is the quickest down 70 meters into the Atlantis Activity Pool.

Drop To Atlantis Slide

The only slide of its kind in the world with light, sound and visual effects within the ride. Riding in a three-man bullet, you will be sent speeding down the slide, encountering its various-turns and drops before splashing into the pool below. Not for the light hearted, but an experience that you’ ll just have to repeat over and over again.

Fall Of Icarus Slide

Get set to push yourselves to the limits down the steep hair-raising slide, then start on your climb towards the sun and see just how high you can reach. But the fun is not over yet. You dive towards earth once again over humps and bumps to finally cool those flames in the pool below. Guaranteed to thrill!

Minataurs Labyrinth

Waterworld’s latest creation, the Minotaur’s Labyrinth – The Big Wet Bubble complete with new pool and play area for children. Climbers have to brave their way to the top of the spectacular, slippery, wet bubble with the use of a rope, careful not to encounter the fearful Minotaur! Anyone as brave as Theseus can conquer the Minotaur and reach the top! Are you ready for the challenge?

Poseidons Wave Pool

Poseidon’s pool is the most exciting pool in the entire Middle East. Equipped with a wave generating system, it keeps the entire family bobbing away in one meter swells. Themed islands, geysers, Greek ruins and Poseidon’s overwhelming presence, make Waterworld’ s Poseidon Adventure the most dramatic experience in Cyprus.

Quest Of Hercules

Get ready to rock as your quest takes you through the mesmerizing snake tubes to fight the Hydra, Heracles ultimate enemy. Two extreme body flumes, makes this a journey of mythology you’ ll never forget… Set on Hydra’s hiding place, you will embark on the most fearsome ride of your life.

River Odyssey

For those who prefer a more relaxing ride, there’s the Lazy River. Riders travel in grand rubber rings on an incredible journey into the adventures encountered by Odysseus. But be aware the Monster of Scilla and Cyclops will “catch your eye”!

The Wave Pool Party

Ayia Napa's number 1 day time event! The biggest wave pool party in the world!

Thea VIP Cabanas

Add a touch of luxury and exclusivity to your next visit of Ayia Napa’s WaterWorld Water Park by booking one of our Mykonos style Thea Beach Cabanas.

Thea VIP Suite

Pamper yourself in the luxurious THEA VIP Suite, boasting Mediterranean design and features for ultimate comfort with panoramic views of the award winning WaterWorld Themed Waterpark, with floor to ceiling glass doors.

WaterWorld Themed Water Park

WaterWorld Themed Water Park in Ayia Napa is one of the best attractions in Cyprus.

Certainly one of the best attractions in Cyprus!

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